Xen High Availability

Many companies are looking for an affordable way to create a high availability environment for their virtual machines. You can create such an environment with the High Availability Extension, which is available as an additional product with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11. (Or if you don't care for support, you can even build such a solution using the open source components from the High Availability Extension with the Linux distribution of your choice). In this class you'll learn how to build this solution, based on Xen virtualization, Heartbeat / Pacemaker high availability and the cLVM volume manager. The contents of this course is unique in its kind and was developed at a customer site by the instructor, Sander van Vugt.

Course topics:
1. Installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for a high availability environment.
- Designing a HA network layout
- Configuring the LAN network interfaces for bonding
- Setting up the SAN interfaces with multipath
- Tuning multipath for optimal performance
2. Setting up the High Availability Solution
- Configuring and monitoring the base cluster layout
- Setting up STONITH with SSH, DRAC/ILO or APC Master
3. Configuring cLVM in the cluster
- Choosing between cLVM and OCFS2: why cLVM is better
- Creating DLM resources
- Creating cLVM resources
- Tweaking Multipath to work together with cLVM
- Setting up the cLVM logical volumes
- Configuring constraints for the right load order
4.Creating Xen virtual Machines
- A (very) short introduction to Xen virtualization
- Configuring Xen virtual machines for use in a HA cluster
- Creating cluster resources for Xen virtual machines
- Setting up automatic live migration
5. Developing a proper test method
- Testing SAN connections
- Surviving failures on the host machine
- Surviving failures on the LAN
- Recovering Virtual Machine failures

Iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in een high availability oplossing voor virtuele machines op basis van open source software.

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A Practical Guide to Using XEN High Availability (Boek)

Elke deelnemer aan de cursus ontvangt een exemplaar van dit boek dat geschreven is door de docent, van Sander van Vugt. Het boek is verkrijgbaar via Books4Brains.