Vibe QuickStart Training

Experience how and why Vibe OnPrem 3 will enhance collaboration and cooperation. During this business oriented training you will learn more about the rich feature set and how Vibe can fit into your existing IT environment. You will immediately step into the cool and fancy world of Vibe as we will use an already installed version of Vibe OnPrem, which you will be able to access even after the training. We will discuss and explain strategies on to how to get your colleagues to adopt Vibe OnPrem, so your organization can quickly benefit from the most important features. You will learn how Vibe will help you to increase productivity and fun at work in your organization.
Here are the topics covered during this training:
  • Discuss and show strategies on how to make sure your organization adopts Vibe quickly and easily.
  • Create and manage teams.
  • Create team workspaces with fit the needs of your teams, including subfolders and access rights.
  • Configure and manage Vibe to work with your existing e-mail system.
  • Learn how users can easily navigate through your system by using landing pages.
  • Importing existing Vibe templates from the on-line Vibe Resource Library.
  • Change the branding of your Vibe system.
  • Demonstration of one or more case studies.
All in all these exercises will give you an excellent overview on how Vibe OnPrem will improve cooperation and strengthen teamwork within your organization.