Vibe Business Technical Training

Novell Vibe is useful and fancy - we all know that already. Vibe has a lot of useful features, like very flexible teams, workspaces and landing pages. This training we will present the techniques to solve real business scenarios, using workflow and forms, probably the most special and powerful features in Vibe. You will create a fully customized environment which will fit the needs of your organization. And it will all look even better with a custom landing page - in this training you will learn how to take advantage of all of this.
This training will cover the following topics:
  • Workflow - explaining states, transitions and notifications - basically adding the dynamical component to Vibe.
  • Create an example workflow - create states, transitions & process an entry through the system.
  • Use existing examples and import an existing workflow from the library and make it usable in your Vibe world.
Feel the success! In addition to other features of Vibe workflow will definitely improve and enrich the collaboration and business processes in your company.