Introductie Microsoft Azure en Cloud Computing

Tijdens deze eendaagse training maakt u kennis met Cloud Computing en Microsoft Azure in het bijzonder.


  • Wat is Cloud Computing
  • Characteristics of cloud computing solutions
    On-demand self-service, Broad network access, Resource Pooling, Rapid elasticity, Measured Service
  • Types of Cloud Service
    SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

Microsoft Azure

  • Getting Started with Microsoft Azure
    What Is Azure?m Managing Azure, Azure Portal, VPN
  • Subscription Management and Billing
  • Virtual Machines
  • Generation 1
  • Generation 2
  • Deployment Tiers
  • Availability Set
  • Virtual Disks
  • Websites and Cloud Services
  • Virtual Networks
  • What are Virtual Networks
  • Determine the Need for Virtual Networks
  • Point-to-Site Networks
  • Cloud Storage
  • overview
  • Blobs
  • Tables
  • Queues
  • File Services
  • Best Practices and Considerations
  • Microsoft Azure Databases
  • Compare SQL Database with SQL server in a Virtual Machine
  • Azure Active Directory
  • AD DS domain Controllers in Azure
  • Extending the Scope of AD DS to Azure
  • Mobile devices
  • Active Directory Synchronization and Azure AD
  • How will your organization use cloud computing
  • Integration with VMWare:
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager (2016)

Voor deze training is geen speciale voorkennis vereist.

9 .00 - 16.30