Identity Manager 4.5 Engine Implementation and Administration (3127)

  • Understand the architecture of Identity Manager 4.5
  • Install and configure an Identity Management system
  • Understand the structure and schema of the embedded identity vault
  • Review eDirectory fundamentals like DS Repair, replication, permission management, and administration tools
  • Build an Identity Vault from scratch by configuring authoritative drivers (SQL and Active Directory)
  • Use the Identity Manager 4.5 tools to perform troubleshooting tasks such as performing traces and checking driver states
  • How to effectively use iManager and Designer management tools
  • Manage policies in Drivers
  • Manage connected systems
  • Perform health checks
  • How to handle driver fail-over
  • How to implement and troubleshoot Identity Manager Password Sync
  1. Describe Identity Manager 4.5
  2. Identity Manager 4.5 Engine Install
  3. Identity Manager 4.5 Engine Install on Second Server
  4. iManager
  5. Role Based Services for iManager
  6. Configuring eDirectory Rights
  7. Understand Designer for Identity Manager
  8. Manage Content with Packages
  9. Configure Utopia Employee HR SQL Driver
  10. Administer Identity Manager
  11. Analyzer
  12. Identity Manager Drivers
  13. Manage Policies and Filters
  14. Troubleshoot with DSTrace
  15. Implementing Identity Manager Password Synchronization

Course 3127


The NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5 Engine Implementation and Administration Training course is targeted at perspective technical members of an Identity Manager Implementation team and IT staff that will be managing it.

This course teaches the core functionality of the Identity Manager 4.5 Engine. Implementers and IT Administrators will learn “Best Practice” guidelines for implementing , deploying and managing Identity Manager. Students will be performing installations and configuring an IDM environment throughout this training.

Note: This course does NOT cover the Identity Manager 4.5 applications such as User Application, IDM Home, Self Service Password Reset, Reporting Module and Access Review. These NetIQ Identity Manager applications will be covered in detail in the new NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5 Application Implementation, administration and Governance training course.

Students should have a basic understanding of identities and application protocols used in querying and modifying objects in a user database.

09.30 - 17.00